About Us

Here at TechAlchemy.co.uk, to put it simply, we are geeks. We have a wide range of expertise from web design, software development, animation, media, and psychology. Most of all we love tech and we are committed to applying all of our knowledge to making tech work for our clients. We are a professional and friendly team who understand that unless you work in the tech world it can be hard to keep up with the exponential growth of the industry and the ever improving and new platforms. That was one of the founding principles of TechAlchemy.co.uk

Meet The Team

Lloyd is the head member of the team. From programming, design, and animations to developing psychological interventions in Virtual Reality, Lloyd holds the right set of skills. He has over 10 years of programming experience in a range of languages which means you are in safe hands. Lloyd's experience includes 2D and 3D design, animation, website and software development, analytics, marketing, and psychology.
Aaron. Little is known about this member of the team. We are pretty sure he exists as his work is always carried out on time and to an exceptional standard. Also, we sometimes see the unruly hair moving quite independent of his head and the sound of furious typing is only interrupted when he pauses to slurp tea. What we do know is he is an amazing coder. So, we have decided to leave him where he is at his happiest, sat at his computer, with a good supply of hot tea and the occasional biscuit.
Glen is one of the industries consummate professionals. Having studied and worked in media since school he has built up a reputation to be proud of. He holds an ND in communication studies, HND in Film and TV production and a BA in Film and TV studies. He has worked on countless productions over the years as well as working as a Theatre and Media technician and then 5 years in an A level teaching role.