Managed Accounts

With ever more platforms available to market your business and connect with clients and customers it can be a full time job updating your website, posting to social media and replying to clients. Happily we are here to take the hassle out of managing your digital platforms. Although we do provide content management systems for those who like the idea of maintaining their website themselves, we know that this can be a distraction from the day to day running of the business. Additionally, with the ever expanding social media platforms you can soon find yourself constantly looking at a screens. Luckily we spend our days constantly looking at screens and after speaking to some of our customers we put our heads together to see what we could offer to make your life easier.

If your website is going to be the type that needs to be updated regularly with new images and text our website management package would be right for you. It's simple; you supply the text and images (we can source images for you, however, there is sometimes a charge from third party sources) and we put them on the website. We will double check the text and edit any images that need to go up, ensuring your website still looks and runs smoothly. We also tie analytics into all our websites. With traditional media such as newspapers, radio and TV you had to trust that they were reaching the audiences that you want. The internet has provided businesses a way of targeting specific audiences and locations, therefore, with analytics we can see when people are looking at your site and where they are located.

To make sure it's cost effective our managed accounts customers will have access to their account page. The longer you are with us the more info you will be able to find there, however, from the start you will see handy meters that let you know how much work we have been doing for you. We understand that no two businesses are the same and that some months are busier than others. If there had been a lot of work done on your account the meter will be full. If it is reaching the agreed limit it will turn red letting you know that we have been working hard for you and that you might need to move up to the next level. Conversely, if the meter is low it will be yellow telling that you might want to move down a level. Switching between levels is entirely up to you. We will never move you, if you have used the maximum amount we will simply wait until the meter resets before carrying out anymore work.

  • Our meters tell you how hard we are working for you. You have the weekly meeter and the monthly meter, and a handy chart that will plot our activity on your account over the course of the months and years.

  • If the meter becomes full it means we have reached the agreed amount of work for this month. You have the option to move up to the next level or wait until the meter resets before we carry out anymore work.

  • You can put the account on hold any time. You pay upfront for the work. So at the end of the month if you have decided to hold the payment we simply don't carry out any work for you.

  • We understand that sometimes there will be lots to do and sometimes there will not. If we see a trend on your account over a two month period we will inform you with a friendly email suggesting that you either drop down a level or move up. But the choice is entirely yours.

  • Quarterly reports. Every three months we will put together a summary of how your account is running.

  • Unique visits to your website.

  • Internet trends for your sector

  • Correlation of unique visits to your site and marketing. This also takes into account of consumer trends.

    There are several popular social media platforms available and whether we personally use them or not, we understand as you do that you need to go to where your customers are. Although social media can be a very powerful marketing tool and gives us direct access to clients and customers. It also means that contact is there for all to see and a poorly managed social media account can have a negative effect on a business. Our social media management means that we will man your social media platforms. We will agree with you how often you want to put new content out and be there to be first contact to your customers.

    Using the internet to market your business has become a very effective tool. You set the budget and we do the rest. For more information have a look at our animation page.

    Our managed accounts start from less than £50. To find out more get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

    If you would like one of our team to get in touch click the button below fill out the form and we will get back to you. Feel free to be as detailed as you wish.